In fact, Ms. Mosley also helped direct the film “Girl Rising,” a well-received documentary about the global struggle to educate girls, and her effort to draw attention to the kidnappings is part of a push by The Documentary Group, a for-profit company, to promote the project world-wide.

CNN Films paid $500,000 last year for three years’ rights to the film, and will air it again on CNN International this weekend.

CNN had no comment.

Holly Gordon, founder of the Girl Rising project, said in an interview on Thursday that the Nigeria kidnappings provide “an important moment for us to promote our film.”

Ms. Gordon said Ms. Mosley’s idea for her social-media campaign was solely her own, and Girl Rising helped her to expand her social-media network by linking to its own.

The company said it designed the distinctive red avatar Ms. Mosley used on her social-media pages, and supplied her with “talking points” on girls’ education.

Ms. Mosley on Thursday said she updated her Twitter account biography to reflect her involvement with Girl Rising, and sent a series of tweets giving credit for the hashtag to its Nigerian creators.

Ms. Mosley, 38 years old, has been with The Documentary Group’s Girl Rising project “from the very beginning,” in 2007, said Ms. Gordon, and directed the Afghanistan chapter of the film, which covers girls’ education issues in nine countries.

Ms. Gordon said the budget for the film was $10 million: $3.7 million for production costs, and the remainder for the “campaign,” a global effort to highlight the challenges facing young women in developing nations by screening the film in venues including theaters and nonprofit meetings, along with creating short-subject films for nongovernmental organizations working on such issues as childhood marriage in Ethiopia.

The project’s first and one of its biggest funders is Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen, through his Vulcan Productions. Mr. Allen and his sister Jody Allen are the film’s executive producers.

Vulcan funded the film because of Mr. Allen’s interest in alleviating global poverty, and has also provided media and promotional expertise.

"We know that if you educate one girl you can break the cycle of global poverty in one generation," said Carole Tomko, Vulcan’s creative director and general manager. "That community we created and united for change are coming together and doing everything they can do to get these girls released."

To the degree that Ms. Mosley initially didn’t disclose her involvement in Girl Rising, “That would be unfortunate, because she’s a fantastic storyteller and she just wants to bring those girls home, too,” Ms. Tomko said.

Remember when I said that this Ramaa Mosley woman that is going around doing press and is being credited with creating the #bringbackourgirls campaign will be cashing in on this? (See point 5 here) - The lady is a clear fraud and orchestrated this thing from the beginning. Now you know why CNN was first to label her a savior. This woman is being funded heavily, and co-opting the Chibok tragedy was just a way to promote herself, her film and to earn money. She is shameless.

Let this be a teachable moment for the naive souls who messaged me, saying that we don’t know her intentions, it doesn’t matter who gets credit etc. Maybe if you actually paid closer attention, you’d be able to see charlatans for who they were, instead of always coming to the defense of white saviors.

#bringbackourgirls #nigeria #nigeria

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